Tips on Choosing The Best Colleges In South US

Just finished high school, what next? This question is common among high school graduates and their parents. South US is a wide region from Washington D.C. to Texas in the south and has so many colleges. With so many schools choosing the best colleges in South US is a dilemma for many. How then do you narrow down your search to get the best college? There are three key aspects of every school that you might consider looking into when choosing a school:

Financial Factors

Education like any other goods and services comes at a cost. Before going into the finer details of colleges, it is advisable to a range for amount a parent is willing and able to spend for both tuition and accommodation fees. If the pricier the school the better this would be easy for you otherwise, consider the following:

  • Application fee: if it poses a challenge rely on your instincts on the chances of being accepted. Consider passing on applying to schools with high application fees if chances of being admitted are small.
  • Financial aid: if you need help in raising fees evaluate the school’s criteria for awarding aid, amount and the percentage of students receiving financial aid. Work study also helps in supplementing fees, you may want attend a college with such opportunities.

Academic Life

The academic profile of a school starts with the admission, freshmen retention and graduation rate. Apply to colleges with a low rate if you had an excellent performance in high school else consider those with a high admission rate for higher chances of being accepted. A college with a high percentage of freshmen returning for their sophomore year indicates high student satisfaction. Since the end result of going to college is to graduate the percentage of graduating students is a good way to screen colleges.

Ensure that you attend an accredited college. This increases chances for getting financial aid and gives employers confidence with your papers after graduation. The curriculum should be open to allow flexibility for the courses you are to take. Be sure to check that the college offers the course of your choice. If you would like to study part time, apply to colleges offering your course in the evenings and weekends.

Rely on graduates from the colleges to evaluate the quality of professors and the teaching assistants. Quality professors should have experience in lecturing and also in real world skills. Too many Teaching Assistants may inhibit quality delivery. The professor student ratio should be reasonable to allow individual attention for each student.

Student Life

If you wish to commute daily from home, a college near home will do. If you wish to live on campus, check for availability of residence halls. Colleges in big cities may have their residence halls distributed throughout the city and you may have to commute to attend your lectures. If you wish to get a job immediately after graduation, consider a college near potential employers. The college should have room for extra-curricular activities and the facilities for the activities.

Some of the Best Colleges in South US include University of South Carolina, Auburn University and George Washington University.

College rankings by Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek and U.S. News may also ease the process. The best criteria, however is based on your needs and goals.